The Future of Trading is Here: Quiver Launches New Homepage and Its Revolutionary Rewards Center!

The Future of Trading is Here: Quiver Launches New Homepage and Its Revolutionary Rewards Center!

Fellow crypto enthusiasts — we have exciting and amazing news to share with you today! Quiver Trade, one of the most innovative and user-friendly crypto exchanges out there, has just launched its brand new reward center and a slick new homepage.

Both the new Rewards Center and Homepage demonstrates Quiver’s commitment to providing the best user experience and transparency for trading worldwide.

Creating an account, starting your trading journey, and checking live trades are now a few clicks away.

Start Trading on Quiver for Free!

You read it right, your very first trade on Quiver may very well be at no cost for you and the first 200 who want to explore the world of crypto trading. This is thanks to the launch of Quiver’s new Rewards Center that aims to offer exciting new rewards to our users depending on their actions and blockchain history.

This fits perfectly with Quiver's emphasis on simplicity, intuitiveness, and achieving mass adoption, eliminating the intimidation from people about crypto trading, especially on beginners.

This is a game changer for how exchanges incentivize and reward their users. Most exchanges offer lackluster sign-up bonuses and call it a day. Not Quiver. Our Rewards Center allows for way more flexibility in creating targeted, engaging rewards programs.

How to apply for our first Reward:

  • Go to Quiver.Trade
  • Connect your wallet
  • Sign the registration prompt
  • Have at least $10 USDC on the Ethereum chain
  • Once registered, check wallet eligibility here
  • Go to the Quiver wallet page and claim from the top right

Easy right? And for completing those steps, you'll get a registration bonus of 5 USDC! No KYC required and it's completely on-chain, which means no need for you to fill up any forms and divulge personal information. We make it easy for everyone to start their trading journey by just signing up and connecting their wallets. It's that easy! No risk of data leaks!

Now remember that this reward will only be available for the first 200 registrants. But for those who will miss out on the opportunity, don’t worry! This is just the beginning. The Quiver team has many more rewards programs in the works that will incentivize all kinds of activity — making referrals, reaching certain deposit levels, increased trading activity, and more! Plus, Quiver can tailor programs for specific users depending on where they come from and who referred them. No other exchange comes close to this level of flexibility and innovation with rewards.

So if you haven't checked out Quiver yet, now is the time! Come join in exploring this cutting-edge trading platform with a refreshed style and some of the most stand-out rewards programs in the space. There's never been a better time to experience the future of crypto trading at Quiver!