💰 READ: Quiver Trade Launches Epic Trading Competition 💰

💰 READ: Quiver Trade Launches Epic Trading Competition 💰

Calling all crypto trading pros, enthusiasts, and thrill-seekers — it's time to start charting like a true degen! Quiver Trade is kicking off an epic trading competition to celebrate the launch of its groundbreaking new trading order panel. 🥳

For 2 adrenaline-filled weeks from October 23rd to November 6th 2023, traders will battle it out on Quiver's cutting-edge trading platform for a chance at winning big! This Profit & Loss (PnL) competition commemorates the release of Quiver's revamped trading interface. 

Here's what you need to do to participate—and make sure to read the entire article to not miss out any details on the trading competition: 

  • You should register for the competition before it starts on October 23rd 12 PM UTC. 

  • Register though this form: Quiver Trading Competition

  • Registrations once the trading competition starts are still possible but will be a disadvantage to those users as it will affect the final PNL calculation once the trading competition ends. Chances of winning might be low, BUT if large amounts are traded, users might be able to catch up or even take an advantage.

  • A minimum of $20 deposit is required to enter. But with Quiver's new ultra-efficient order panel at your fingertips, that seed money can grow exponentially with the right strategy!

  • Now, this next part is CRUCIAL if you want to secure your spot in the competition. All participants MUST attend Quiver Trade's special voice AMA on Monday, 30th October at 2 PM UTC with co-founders Kelvin Santos and Nicholas Lima. 

  • During this live voice call, Quiver's founders will demo the new trading order panel, explain PnL competition specifics, and give key tips on dominating the leaderboard! ⚔️

  • Make sure to mark your calendar—you won't want to miss this invaluable peek behind the scenes. Engage actively in the AMA to get your trading questions answered directly by the source!

When the battle begins on the 23rd of October, remember: victory favors the bold! To end up on the winners' podium, you'll need to be aggressive and maximize your trading activity. 

Now, before you rush to register, keep this restriction in mind: Withdrawals during the 2-week competition window would mean IMMEDIATE DISQUALIFICATION from the contest. Imposing this ground rule ensures all prize pool funds remain available and intact.

By default, the withdrawal feature on the Quiver platform is active, so we highly advise traders to resist the urge to cash out early—stick it out until the exhilarating finish line for your shot at the jackpot! Once winners are announced, everyone can start withdrawing their money—with profits, of course!

Quiver will be tracking Profit & Loss on all accounts—so be sure to diversify your trading portfolio. No opportunities should be missed!

Winners will be determined based on total accumulated PnL, which means Quiver will check the initial balance + any deposit during the competition minus the balance at the end of the competition. Additionally, only those who have at least 3 trades with $1 profit OR loss in each trade will qualify as winners. So, make sure to properly close all positions before the November 6th deadline to avoid messing up your totals!

Of course, no competition is possible without prize pools! Quiver's epic trading competition prize pool starts at $500 and can surge to an astounding $10,000 depending on participation! The more active traders we have join the battle, the bigger the rewards will be. 

Specifically, the prize pool will scale up based on these trader count milestones: 

  • $500 for at least 20 traders, 
  • $1,000 for at least 40 traders, 
  • $2,000 for at least 100 traders, 
  • $5,000 for at least 250 traders, 
  • $7,500 for at least 500 traders, 
  • and a whopping $10,000 if we hit 1,000 registered participants actively trading during the competition dates. 

Prizes will be distributed in a percentages basis that is according to the trader count milestone at the end of the competition. Prize distribution are as follows:

This only means that the more friends you invite, the more value you add to the contest and the higher your potential winnings will be! This innovative structure incentivizes building a large, vibrant trading community while ensuring rewards are worth the winners' efforts. 

There is one final CRUCIAL step required to remain eligible after the trading competition concludes. All participating traders must submit feedback and comments on their experience using the brand-new trading order panel during the contest. These inputs help Quiver continue improving its revolutionary interface. Feedback submission is mandatory—failure to comply will result in disqualification. 

Also, Quiver reserves the right to disqualify or ban participants found manipulating the contest. Let's keep things fun and fair! Provide your honest thoughts on the cutting-edge new trading workspace so Quiver can make it even better. We appreciate you taking a few minutes to help build the future of DeFi trading!

Once the dust settles on this epic two–week trading frenzy, victors will be gloriously announced across Quiver's social media. So follow them on X (Twitter) and join the Discord channel to get alerts!

If you're ready to prove your skills and battle for supremacy, register now for this momentous trading competition by Quiver! Join our founders' AMA, fund your account, avoid withdrawing funds throughout the contest, and prepare for 2 weeks of nonstop crypto trading action! 🚀

With Quiver's record-low fees and light-speed new interface, the potential profits are truly limitless. 

Let's band together to push participation and send the prize pool to the moon! 🚀