Quiver’s Innovative Swift Trading Solution at a Very Low Cost

Quiver’s Innovative Swift Trading Solution at a Very Low Cost

In the crowded cryptocurrency trading landscape, platforms are constantly improving the trading experience for all traders. Unfortunately, most of them overlook the time and fees being charged after every trading session. No matter how swift the trading experience is, if profits are not enough to compensate for the fees of the platform, users will definitely look for alternatives that will suit their needs. Enter Quiver, a revolutionary platform that stands out not just for its advanced features, but for its commitment to providing a swift trading experience at a very low cost allowing traders to maximize profits.

Shortcomings of Existing Crypto Trading Platforms

Existing crypto trading platforms today, despite their modern interfaces and vast arrays of tools, still haven't found ways to reduce their trading costs. While trading times have become faster than ever due to the drastic improvements in technology, trading fees have remained the same, if not increased. This is somehow a dealbreaker for traders, especially experienced ones that love trading on-the-fly.

In a highly volatile market of cryptocurrencies where prices can swing dramatically in a matter of seconds, the waiting times and fixed fees before and after every trade session can mean missing out on potential profits and/or incurring unexpected losses.

Quiver's Unique Proposition

Quiver has developed an innovative solution by offering the lowest fee on profit trades. Whether it's long or short trades, we only charge the profit that traders earn from their trade and NOT the entire position. This means that anyone can earn a lot in Quiver by compiling the little profits they made from their trades and being consistent, unlike in existing platforms wherein you need to reach the minimum profit just to cover the cost of the entire trade.

We showcase this convenience to all users who are looking to trade in Quiver, providing them peace of mind knowing that they can maximize their trading strategies. With a smartphone and an internet connection, our proposition will cater to all traders, regardless of experience levels, whether they are in the subway, having lunch, or while at the gym — and where they don’t have to constantly check the session.

Quiver's swift trade capabilities allows everyone to do many more trades per day and start entirely new strategies based on recent trades with little profits but with consistency. No need to wait around for your trade to make enough profits to cover the fees and call it a decent earning.

Swift Trading at a Very Low Cost

Exchange fees of existing crypto platforms might appear to be small in absolute numbers, but they have a significant effect when users start derivatives trading with high leverage.

For instance, ByBit charges a taker fee of 0.06%, at the same time, users are allowed to trade at up to 100x leverage. This means that a player opening and then closing a position at the same price, executing as a taker in both cases, actually pays 0.12% of its margin as fees for the trade. Regardless of the leverage, a user only begins to win at a trade when the price moves above 0.12%.

Let’s say the derivative is for Bitcoin and assuming a 0.2% daily volatility is consistent for the entire day, its price is expected to move approximately 0.12%, whether a rise or drop. This means that it is quite likely that after an hour, your trade is still a loss even if the price is at a 0.12% increase. Together with the trade loss are the deficits (you still need to pay fees even if no profits are made during the trade) and the time put to waste in monitoring the session.

At Quiver, we ensure that this scenario is non-existent. Users are unlikely to experience deficits as we only charge once and only the profits made after every successful trading session. This simply means that charges are only made during the close position of a trade and that there are no charges if the trader did not earn any profit from his or her trade — talking about being a win-win solution for users.

Let’s say you earn 50% profit for trading $200. In existing platforms today, charges are made before and after trade sessions. The charges for the latter are taken from the entire valuation of the trade ($300) which is calculated by adding the initial trade value ($200) and the profit (50% of $200 is $100). With Quiver, we only charge the 50% profit you earn at approximately 0.0047%, which also makes it the lowest fee in the market.

The Future of Trading

The platform is an innovative solution to the existing system that is widely utilized by crypto platforms where they charge users twice — when opening and closing trade sessions — and charging them according to the total valuation of the trade. With the combination of faster trading time, profit-only charges, and the lowest fee in the market, traders can really earn a decent profit.

Quiver's innovative proposition is a game-changer in the crypto trading scene. As the crypto landscape continues to evolve, platforms like Quiver, which prioritize efficiency and user experience, will undoubtedly lead the way!

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