Quiver Trade's Campaign Terms and Conditions

Quiver Trade's Campaign Terms and Conditions
Here are things you need to know about Quiver Trade's campaigns.

Quiver Trade frequently runs exciting campaigns and contests to attract new users, drive engagement, and promote an active community on its crypto trading platform. These campaigns offer alluring prizes including, but not limited to, free tokens, trading bonuses, merchandise, and more for eligible participants who complete certain objectives.

However, as with any promotion, there are rules and fine print governing campaign participation on Quiver Trade. We aim to structure campaigns ethically and legally while preventing fraud or abuse.

Ultimately, Quiver reserves full discretion in interpreting campaign terms and determining prize distribution. The proceeding context of this article highlights key terms and conditions of which users should be aware when participating in any campaigns hosted by Quiver.

Campaign Eligibility and Requirements

Participants in Quiver campaigns must have valid and verified accounts in good standing. Users who have multiple accounts, have disabled accounts, or attempt to manipulate the system will be disqualified. Any suspicious, abusive, or fraudulent behavior can warrant exclusion as well.

Campaign tasks must be completed as described to qualify for prizes. For example, follow or retweet requirements must be done from participants' own accounts with adequate visibility based on platform privacy settings. Low quality or spam content irrelevant to campaigns may be deemed ineligible.

General Conduct and Enforcement

Quiver campaigns are designed to bolster the community, so any antagonistic, offensive, or dishonest conduct can result in disqualification and platform ban. This includes, but is not limited to, racism, threats, plagiarism, misinformation, manipulation attempts, harassment, and violating platform terms of service.  

Prize winners may be subjected to social media account checks for fake followers, purchased retweets, suspicious engagement patterns, accounts used solely for prize winning, etc. Quiver also reserves the right to revoke prizes from any winner found obtaining followers or engagement through dishonest means.

Prize Distribution Discretion

Quiver maintains full discretion over prize distribution and can refuse payouts at its sole judgment. Prizes may be withheld or withdrawn if participants violate any terms, act maliciously, or attempt to exploit campaigns. Quiver also reserves the right to modify prizes or offer substitutes of comparable value.

Additional Limitations

There may be further country, age, and eligibility restrictions imposed on select Quiver campaigns, which will be specified in respective rules. Any attempts to work around location or age restrictions invalidates entry eligibility.

Quiver may cap entries, referrals, or rewards per user ID to prevent excessive clustering or imbalance. Prizes cannot be combined or transferred between campaigns or users.

By participating in any Quiver campaign, users indicate acceptance of Quiver’s interpretation of all terms and conditions.

Quiver’s Advocacy

Quiver runs campaigns to boost engagement, but prohibits any exploitative, dishonest, or malicious activity in the process. The platform retains full authority to deny prizes or participation to any user violating its ethical standards or campaign terms.

Reading campaign rules fully and behaving cooperatively will ensure the smoothest experience. With sound judgment, Quiver crafts campaigns to spur organic community growth, not artificial manipulation. By putting the community first and upholding integrity, Quiver aims to revolutionize social crypto trading.