Gold Market Is Now Live on Quiver Trade! Start Trading NOW!

Gold Market Is Now Live on Quiver Trade! Start Trading NOW!

The wait is finally over, Quiver community! After much anticipation, XAU/USDC perpetual contracts — more commonly called the Gold Market — are officially LIVE for trading NOW on Quiver.Trade!

This is no longer a drill — the thrusters have ignited and the Quiver spacecraft has blasted off into the brave new world of digital gold trading! After teasing its arrival, Quiver has delivered and activated the crypto industry's most advanced social gold derivatives market. 🚀

Some might be asking the significance of this proposition. Well, by launching XAU/USDC perpetual contracts on this day, 25th September 2023 at 1 PM UTC, Quiver becomes the first-ever derivatives exchange in the world to offer direct gold perpetuals! Now that’s a game-changer in the crypto space!

We also don't mess around when it comes to maximizing potential. That's why traders who are looking to trade in the Gold Market can expect up to 20X leverage right off the bat to amplify XAU/USDC gains!

Use this advantage responsibly to capitalize even more on gold's hourly price fluctuations. While liquidations still apply, wise leverage usage gives you ultimate maneuverability.

And we're ensuring you truly have a seamless access to this game-changing new market. Going forward, XAU/USDC contracts will be live for trading Sundays through Fridays with the market closing from 8:55 PM EST to 10:00 PM EST each day. Once the market closes on Fridays, no new positions can open — but existing trades remain active to monitor through the weekend!

As a fully non-KYC platform, Quiver lets you start gold trading right away without burdensome verification processes — all you need to do is connect your wallet to create a Quiver account. And we also take pride in being the only exchange charging the lowest fee only on profitable trades with an average taker fee of 0.0047% or 10% of what other exchanges charge!

This proposition is one of our missions, to keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible in DeFi trading — and make it accessible for everyone. Today's XAU/USDC launch ushers in an exciting new era.

So whether you're a “gold bug” looking to migrate your strategies to crypto, or just an adventurous Quiver trader ready to leverage on new profits — now is your time to blast off!

Jump in today alongside our amazing community to start taming these digital gold derivatives and staking your claim.

Start trading now! Just head to Quiver.Trade and connect your wallet!

The frontier is limitless, Quiver traders!