Quiver is a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange based on batch auctions, with unique liquidity retention and aggregation mechanisms. It offers ultra-low trading costs on high leverage perpetual futures with a fee structure that enables users to make multiple small trades. It currently runs as a custodial exchange in its alpha version, with USD balances backed by USDC stored on a single multi-signature safe contract in the Ethereum Mainnet.

How is Quiver different from other platforms?

The Lowest Fees

Quiver Trade implements a unique fee structure that ensures competitive trading costs. Initially, fees are set to 10% of the profits of each trade, allowing users to make even small trades without worrying about whether their gains will offset the fees. Moreover, Quiver caps fees on a profitable trade to a maximum of 0.10% of the transaction, ensuring that trading on Quiver is more cost-effective than on other exchanges. The average taker fee is at 0.0047%.

No KYC, Censorship Resistant

The platform is designed with a vision towards decentralization and emphasis on censorship resistance. Quiver aims to provide users the liberty to choice between low-latency trading or full decentralization. As Quiver further moves towards a fully decentralized protocol, it aims to pass control to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to ensure permissionless and censorship-resistant markets.

Liquidity Aggregation

Quiver addresses the liquidity fragmentation problem with its built-in aggregator that leverages arbitrage bots to serve large orders efficiently. This ensures that users get the best possible prices for their trades, regardless of the size of their orders.

Better Price Discovery

Thanks to our auction system, Quiver employs a batch auction system based on the Ausubel Auction, which is incentive-compatible. This system ensures that bidders cannot benefit from bidding lower than their true value, leading to genuine price competition among arbitrage bots. As a result, auctions can often generate a price improvement for limit orders standing on the book, giving users a better price discovery.

Easy Deposit

Most platforms require users to convert their currencies, whether fiat or crypto, before they can start trading. But this is not the case for Quiver.

We value convenience, so made our platform deposit–friendly! Users can deposit any currency and Quiver will automatically convert it to USDC, at no cost, and at the latest best price possible for you to trade immediately. This seamless conversion process ensures that users can easily deposit and withdraw funds across different chains without any hassle.

The Quiver Trade Blog

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